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Weeks are flying by! 5 and 6 down.

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Week 5: Feb 3-9

Total mileage: 50

Monday: 6 in 51 minutes

Tuesday: Between 6-8 miles (new watch seemed to be tracking in kilometers or something weird. Speed Central workout: warmup, 12 X 1 min hard, + drills and strides and cool down

Wednesday: Off/rest

Thursday: 3.41 in 28 minutes – knee felt weird after Tuesday so I took it easy today, in PM I did strength work: Bulgarian split squats and deadlifts

Friday: 7.13 in 59 minutes

Saturday: 6 in 50 minutes

Sunday: 21.33 in 3 hours

I drove to BOMF on Monday so that I did not have to get up quite as early after the Super Bowl, which meant I got my 6 miles in during the afternoon, nice easy 6 on the river. Tuesday I went to the first edition of Speed Central, Heartbreaks new Tuesday PM workout in Cambridge. Felt good to go fast! Wednesday was an off day as my left knee was not feeling great after Tuesday’s workout. Little pain on the inside of my knee, but Thursday I got back to it. Did 3.4 miles to test out the knee in the AM and then in the PM I did a strength workout in the gym. Deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats, using a mix of double and single leg exercises helps develop a good balance of strength. The single leg work is especially important for us runners as each leg is required to absorb tremendous impact in each stride. A focus for me in my buildup to the two ultras that I have scheduled is to do strength training every other week to help with injury prevention and prepare for prolonged duration/stress that I will go through.

Friday I did an easy 7 and Saturday an easy 6. Sunday I ran with Chris, we went up the Western Greenway through Belmont and into Waltham and then back along the river. It was a cold but beautiful day and was really grateful to get to run on some awesome single track for about a third of this run.

Week 6: Feb 10-16

Total Mileage 56.2

Monday: 10.46 in 93 minutes BOMF

Tuesday: 3.27 AM to BKB and back, 8 miles PM Speed Central in 1 hour: Speed Central 6 X 3 mins hard (2:30 at 10k, last 30 seconds finish strong 5k to mile pace), 6 strides

Wednesday: 4.1 in 35 minutes, rock climb and yoga

Thursday: 7.15 miles with 4.5 @ tempo total 49 minutes

Friday: Off/rest – rock climb

Saturday: 17.21 in 2:20

Sunday: 6 miles in 51 minutes

Mileage is coming back up! After a down week when I got sick, it is fantastic to really start building back up. I am keeping it very flexible and doing what motivates me each week, this week that meant training Monday-Friday with good mileage throughout and a long run of over 17 miles with Erik on Saturday. Erik is training for the Boston Marathon and wanted company for his long run. We ran along the emerald necklace up through Jamaica pond and looped around the Arboretum. This is a beautiful route and one that I want to incorporate more into my training. In a city, even one like Boston that can feel small, it is hard to find spots where you do not hear the sounds of cars, sirens, people etc. The Arnold Arboretum is one of the spots where you can really get the feeling of being in the woods even though you are only a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the city. The trees provide shelter from the outside world and the roads and paths twist around this land preserve in a serpentine way that allows you to get lost as the miles tick away. Erik and I chatted a lot about training and racing strategies. I shared with him my observations at CIM on how a net downhill course (like Boston) can wreck your quads if you go out too hard. At CIM I saw a plethora of runners that had gone out too hot in the first 10-20k and either DNF’ed or had to hobble along when their quads locked up. One of the many great things about running is chatting with other runners about running. We can learn so much from each other and it was really great to get some miles in with Erik and share great conversation. Sunday I did an easy 6 to cap my longest week of 2020 at over 56 miles. Next week will likely be a cut back week before I build back up and shoot for 65-75 miles per week.

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