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Book Recommendations

Born to Run - By Christopher McDougall: A must read for anyone interested in running

Let Your Mind Run - By Deena Kastor and Michelle Hamilton: The best resource for runners looking to improve their mental game

Eat and Run - By Scott Jurek: A fantastic read about the backstory of arguably the greatest ultra-runner ever

Finding Ultra - By Rich Roll: A front row seat to stunning life transformation 

Inside a Marathon - By Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario: An incredible view into the daily training of an elite marathoner

Podcast Recommendations

Rich Roll Podcast - Rich is a fantastic interviewer who brings on guests with a variety of backgrounds from endurance athletes to musicians and entrepreneurs to doctors

The Morning Shakeout Podcast - With running coach extraordinaire Mario Fraioli

For The Long Run - Jonathan Levitt

KoopCast - Jason Koop

Ultra Running Podcast - Eric Schranz

I'll Have Another With Lindsey Hein

Rambling Runner Podcast - Matt Chittim

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