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"I had been a marathon runner looking to step up to the ultramarathon distances. Alas, after set backs both with feelings of burnout and injuries related to overtraining/ramping up miles too quickly after injuries, I sort of lost sight of what I wanted from running. So, I sought professional help. This lead me to Tucker. He has helped me get back on my feet and really rediscover that passion for running. It was an emotional moment to get back to the marathon last fall intact, after injuries the year prior to meeting Tucker had really hampered things. I thank Tucker for helping me get back to that goal. After a successful training block, I decided to keep going with him as I re-found that hunger for achieving the Ultra and I achieved that just a month prior. He has helped me emotionally to deal with the stress of running on the body, encouraged me to stay in PT for lingering issues, reminds me to slow things down, patiently helped me through a bit of a freak out as I questioned if I was really ready for my first ultra, and generally helped me feel connected to a larger running community in the Denver Area. He is always available for a call and talking race strategy with someone has really helped me with intention on race day, which for me has been take in the moment, appreciate those that help you reach these goals, and be grateful to this body that has carried me this far. Overall, working with him has been time well spent as I think he keeps in mind clearly that my true "A" goal is to be a healthy, active runner/person for as long as my body will allow it to happen." - Juan D.


"What to say about Tucker? I found Tucker after an experience with a different coach.  I was physically injured, mentally struggling after my first DNF at my goal race, and wondering if my running goals were coming to a crashing halt.  Tucker was exactly what I was searching for in a coach.  He combines his expertise, your running goals, and a team atmosphere that is unbeatable! His training and support not only got me to the start line of another marathon, but it saw me through to the finish line with a smile, injury free, and crushing all the goals I set out to achieve.  He has taken me from a goal getter to a dreamer of greater running possibilities! He has brought the fun back to my run! And that's where the real magic happens!"


- Kris H. 

"Before working with Tucker, I had been running for two years with one half marathon on my resume and was just getting back into a healthy running routine after spending most of the year prior dealing with a chronic running related injury. I signed up to work with Tucker, my first running coach, with some hesitation but doing so spring boarded my running ability to a level that I thought would’ve taken years to reach. Tucker coached me through four events, half marathon, Olympic distance triathlon, the Triple Bypass, and a marathon. With him I PR’d my 5K (in training), 10K (in a tune-up race), and half marathon (by about 5 minutes). We also set a jaw dropping debut marathon performance that I did not know I had in me and that I wish I could relive every weekend for the rest of my life. What I accomplished in less than a year did exceed my expectations.

As a coach, Tucker is excellent. He’s a great communicator and motivator, very experienced and intelligent, and an inspiration to many. Any time I needed to communicate with him he was attentive, clear, reassuring, and transparent. When training got tough or we were developing a race strategy and race goals or if it was the day before a race, he was motivating, projected confidence into me, and kept me cool, calm, and collected. Throughout training workouts had purpose, smoothly progressed in both volume and intensity, and were hard or easy at all of the right times. He’s an athlete and coach. He’ll run with you on easy days, long runs, speed workouts, and maybe even cross training days. He is inspiring with both his stories and his performances. He even successfully coaches high school athletics. As a person, Tucker is also excellent. We’ve shared many miles together (running and cycling), many conversations, rounds of golf, Rockies games, and will soon share time on the ski slopes. More to come! I highly recommend Tucker as coach. Whether you’re just getting started, easing back into running after an injury, running your umpteenth marathon, running an ultra, or training for a triathlon, he can certainly benefit you just like he did me."


- Larry E.

“Tucker has been my coach for two years. I’ve gone from zero running to finishing my first ultramarathon (50K). The training plan is personalized to me and what my goals are. I get to do my runs and races and enjoy myself knowing the fueling and hydration plan is dialed in. I feel better and more confident in my running and life in general at 58, than I did at age 38. I have bigger goals ahead and I know I can achieve them with Tucker’s help.”


- Heidi H.

"I started working with Tucker at the end of a lengthy hiatus from running. He took the time to really understand my headspace and my goals. Having a seasoned, outside perspective on my training and my performance had a huge impact on my overall running! Also, not having to worry about planning out my weeks freed up lots of mental space to focus on the workouts themselves, and the recovery. Tucker is also super accessible and genuinely cares about me reaching my goals. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to take their running to the next level!"


- Matt S. 

"Tucker is great to work with! I'm a busy mom, business owner, and ultra runner. My schedule can change at the drop of a hat and somehow he is always able to keep up with it. Tucker also understands the need for balance and wants his clients to accomplish their goals while maintaining balance. The best part is that not only do you get the training plan with him, you get access to his training group, monthly group calls on various topics, weekly email tips, and one on one check ins, plus RESULTS! I've had other trainers, but Tucker provides far more value. You should definitely check him out!"

-Jill R

"Working with Tucker has been great! He’s easy to get ahold of if you have questions. He also is constantly presenting tips on nutrition and training via email. He is also very organized which I really appreciate. Everyone is busy and Tucker knows that. He uses apps that are very easy to use to keep people with full time jobs on track with their workouts. No matter what level of runner you are, you can benefit from Tucker being your coach!"

- Chase H

"In the spring of 2021 I started working with  Tucker while looking to find more structure around my running habits. He strategically helped me formulate goals, a routine, and then kept me accountable through all of the training. Without more than a 5k race under my running resume, three months in I seamlessly ran my first ever half marathon, beating all set expectations and goals. Tucker mapped out every part of this training with weekly routines, fundamentalists on running and stretching, nutrition, and race day strategies. Understanding each runner is different, a big part of his training is asking questions, building a relationship, and identifying what motivates his runners to stay on track. Tucker is more than a coach, he cares about his team like family."

-Jake B.  

"In the spring of 2020 I had reached a point in my training where I felt like I needed some extra support. I was feeling down and uninspired in my running since I could no longer run with my friends or attend group speed workouts in Boston because of new pandemic restrictions. I was also signed up for the Chicago marathon, to take place in October, and I had a big PR goal in mind. I hoped that having a personal coach would help me achieve my goals, re-inspire me, and take the stress of planning my weekly training off my plate. Tucker exceeded all of my expectations for a coach. Not only was I able to PR in the marathon distance and run further than ever before, but I was able to fall in love with running again.


I wanted to find what kind of running really lit my fire and Tucker allowed me to do just that. He was always available to answer any questions I had, make last minute schedule changes, and was always there to hype me up for all my spontaneous running adventures. The Chicago marathon was cancelled a few weeks into my training cycle and Tucker quickly adapted my plans to prepare me to run the Presidential Traverse, the Pemi Loop (a 31-mile, 8 peak trail route), and eventually the Dartmouth 50 miler. With Tucker’s guidance I was able to successfully finish all three and snag some FKTs (Fastest Known Times). If that’s not enough, I signed up for a marathon with 3 weeks’ notice and Tucker was still able to set me up for success. I ran a 3:09 at the Manchester City Marathon, a 10-minute PR for me! I would absolutely recommend working with Tucker, whether you are a new or seasoned runner. He has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help you achieve your goals."

- Jenna B.


"In spring 2018, I ran a 3:23 marathon training as diligently as I believe I could have, even eating better than ever.  After suffering a foot injury, missing my fall marathon, and running a pretty flat trail marathon in April 2019, I thought that 3:23 would probably stick around as my lifetime PR. Tucker’s coaching changed that. In 5 months, with some tough love and motivation, weekly calIs and supportive, personalized training emails, I ran a 3:16 at Marine Corps Marathon!"

- Christian B-H.

"I’ve trained with Coach Tucker for three years now and he’s an amazing coach! He’s helped me get ready for several big races, both on the road and trail. I appreciate his motivating style and the sense of community he creates in the running community. He’s makes track workouts fun, so that says a lot!"

- Krista W

"I can't say enough about the help Tucker has provided me on my endurance journey. I've spent the last few years marathon training and Ironman training, both of which I have trained for with and without a coach.  In both instances, I can't say enough about the importance of finding a coach that spends the time and has the patience to work with you through the training blocks leading up to your event. Having Tucker as my running coach through my New York City Marathon and Mesa Marathon training plans is no different. Beginning my marathon training with Tucker I was sitting at a 3:50:00 marathon PR. After weeks of Tucker's guidance, check-ins and workouts, I was able to PR in the NYC Marathon with a 3:07 and a smile on my face. You can't beat the benefits of a knowledgeable coach, which is why I stand by the instruction Tucker can provide you."

- Kevin C.


"After years of unfocused running, I decided to sign up for my first road marathon. With only a basic understanding of building speed and endurance I turned to Tucker for guidance. It was crucial having Tucker guide me through the training with his personalized plan but what I benefited from most was his wise listening ear that helped ease my nerves during times of doubt. This was hugely important in my journey leading up to a successful first marathon! Thanks Tucker!!!"

- Max B.

"I attempted to run my first marathon in November 2019 without any type of formal coaching/guidance. I had run a number of half marathons in the past and thought I could employ the same type of training to a full marathon. My goal was to break 4 hours, but on race day, it became obvious early that I was not prepared. It ended up taking me 4 hours and 50 minutes. Disappointed but determined to improve, a friend introduced me to Tucker. Tucker helped me appreciate how to properly prepare for a marathon. He created a training program geared towards achieving my goal. He was available; willing to take time out of the day to explain not just what to do, but also why that day’s activity will help me achieve my goal. When the time for training was complete, Tucker was there to help develop a strategy for race day and provided insight on how to prepare my mind and body for the task ahead. With Tucker’s help, in February 2020, I ran a 3:57 in the Mesa-Phoenix Marathon; a 53 minutes improvement in just 3 short months of working with him."

- Mike H.


"In December 2019 I reached out to an old friend to seek his advice about training for a big goal I had, which was to run the 2020 NYC Marathon. He highly recommended working with the Tucker as he had helped get him to the next level in terms of racing and endurance. Tucker was extremely quick to set up a call with me to learn about my goals and what he offered as a coach. In 3 months, I have gone from barely being able to run for 2 minutes to now running 4+ miles without stopping. I have a long way to go to reach my goal, but I am very confident that Tucker will help me get there. If you have any training goal, whether it's a marathon or a 5k, I would absolutely recommend working with Tucker. Looking forward to continuing the training process and getting ready for November!"

- Greg R.

"I worked with Tucker during the global health pandemic and was very thankful to have a coach during those chaotic times. I would consider myself an experienced marathon runner whose created my own plans and workouts for the past 10 Years. Despite my experience, Tucker added value by taking the planning off my plate and by delivering innovative workouts. Figuring out my pandemic work from home routine was made significantly easier by having Tucker manage my running schedule and goals.

Where I'm generally a creature of habit and stick to the same routine, Tucker introduced new training techniques that I thoroughly enjoyed.  There was always variation in the workouts and exercises, which made me feel like I was really getting the bang for my buck. Whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned runner, training with Tucker makes you realize you don’t need to do it all on your own to meet your goals."

- Lily H-B.

"Everyone runs for different reasons. For me, I run to constantly prove to myself that I am not limited. As a cancer survivor, I started running to combat an illness. However, with Tucker’s help, I have been able to strive for goals that I never thought possible just one year ago. 


In July of 2019, running 5 miles was a struggle. On my own, I was able to run the Cambridge Half Marathon in November of 2019 in 1:38:47. I was happy, but I knew that I needed more guidance if I wanted to achieve my dream of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. 


To work towards this goal, I reached out to Tucker. As a fellow plant-based runner, I hoped that Tucker would be able to help me improve. Not only has Tucker exceeded my expectations, but he helped me lower my half marathon time to 1:29:30 in just three months of training and successfully complete my first marathon in 3:16!


There are three key areas that make Tucker a great coach. First, he is a great listener. At the beginning of the training block, I was struggling with some hip pain. Tucker modified my plan, and encouraged me to listen to my body and run on feel. His highly individualized training plan successfully cured me of the pain and brought me to race day in one piece.


Second, he is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals. We have weekly coach office hours, team meetings, and frequent guest speakers. All of this availability allowed me to learn a lot about running just by being Tucker’s client.


Third, he is great at encouraging and inspiring people. Tucker is kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable about the sport of running. He knows when to push you and when to support you. When he talks you listen because he has successfully run many marathons and ultra marathons. It is these qualities that make him such a great coach. 


Overall, I could not be happier with being a part of the team. If you want to work with someone who has the knowledge, experience, and personality to help you achieve your goals, then I would highly recommend reaching out to Tucker."


- Greg M.

"I’ve been running long-distance since 2012 and I’d never trained with a coach at all. I’ve admittedly been really bad at conditioning and full-body strengthening, so I’ve dealt with several injuries before and after races. I decided I needed to change up my tactics. I turned to Tucker for coaching because he’s not only an exceptional runner but also a solid human being. He was always available to answer questions and provide any kind of support throughout training, and each week we would discuss any wins, big or small, as well as any struggles. He made sure each personalized weekly schedule would help enhance my running ability and also help me maintain my physical health. It’s very clear he cared as much as I did about reaching my goals, and I couldn’t recommend him more. Thanks Tucker!"


- Alexis C.

"I had the pleasure to work with Tucker for a month as the winner of an instagram giveaway of the Training With Tucker program. Tucker has been incredibly thorough in listening to, and assessing, my training aspirations and needs. He wisely helped me with identifying clear and feasible aims that I could work towards. Tucker designed a plan that could help me improve my general fitness and running abilities, fit my busy schedule, and interact well with my other fitness activities. I was absolutely stunned when my 5k PR dropped by almost 3 minutes in the span of a month, all while my VO2 improved just as fast. Tucker is a reliable, caring and open-minded coach! His expertise and kindness are absolutely top-notch. I cannot recommend his program enough!!"


- Mirko P. 

"Tucker is knowledgeable and considerate when putting together a training regimen. He doesn't only consider extrinsic goals but intrinsic factors of your personal life as well as responsibilities and daily schedule. He is always willing to make modifications when you need a day to reset and is a big advocate for listening to your body. 10/10 I would recommend him to any runner looking to start running or PR in their next big race"

- Lauren L.

"Looking for a coach who will listen, meet you where you are, but also encourage you to be better? Look no further. I have been coached before, and the difference this time is that Tucker listens, provides feedback and is invested in his athletes. Nothing is too small or too big for Tucker to work with you on."

- Angel N.

I started working with Tucker without a specific race or PR in mind, wanting to improve my overall fitness, reduce stress and anxiety, and explore a new way of moving. I was a true beginner looking to learn and found a wonderful coach in Tucker. His plan was thoughtful and personal, taking my level of training into account and providing helpful resources along the way. His encouragement continues to keep me motivated- thanks, Tucker! 


- Ava R.

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