Tucker Grose has been running for as long as he can remember and ran his first 5k at the age of 8. He competed in Track and Cross Country through High School in Newtown, Connecticut. Tucker became interested in endurance events in college, completing his first half marathon and sprint triathlon. For the past 10 years, Tucker has been a student of endurance sports, reading many books and learning from other coaches. He experimented with different training methods throughout that time and has developed a formula for long term success.


Tucker has been coaching youth and adult athletes since 2012 and has helped teams and individuals make improvements and build confidence with his energetic and positive approach to coaching. In 2019, Tucker launched his coaching business, Training with Tucker, focused on helping individuals train for endurance events. Tucker's coaching philosophy revolves around meeting each individual where they are and working with them to develop a plan that will help them reach their goals while fitting training into their busy lives. Tucker prioritizes flexibility and puts an emphasis on keeping training engaging, challenging and fun! The training philosophies of Jack Daniels PhD., Steve Magness, and Jason Koop among others have influenced how Tucker coaches his athletes. 

Whether you are moving up to a new distance, have seen your results plateau, simply want to get into better shape or run a Boston qualifying time, individualized coaching with Tucker will help you get there!



Tucker's Running Resume:

  • 7 time ultramarathon finisher

  • 8 time marathon finisher: 2:41 PR at Boston 2021

  • 11 time half marathon finisher: 1:15 PR at Parker Half 2021

  • Course Record at Lost Cat 50k 

  • 1st overall in American Run for Heroes 9 hour 11 minute ultra 2020

  • Countless podiums and age group wins in distances ranging from 5k through 50 miles

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