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Put On Your Yamaka, It's Time for Hanukkah!

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Week 2 of 28 - January 13-19: Total mileage 41

Monday: Mistake with my alarm – missed BOMF/ unplanned day off

Tuesday: 7.3 in 63 minutes

Wednesday: 4.2 in 35 minutes

Thursday: Day off

Friday: BOMF – 9.2 in 80 minutes

Saturday: 14.2 in 2 hours 15 minutes (with Mike H. for 12)

Sunday: 6.1 in 51 minutes

Week two was a bit of a “make it up as you go” kind of week. Started by missing my alarm for BOMF on Monday, turns out if you lock your phone in the edit screen of any alarm, none of your alarms will go off.. Spent Monday with my Dad, we went to brunch at Veggie Galaxy (if you have never been, go. It is a 12/10), we followed that up with a visit

to the Museum of Science and then watched our Rangers get a nice win. Was a great day after an emotional weekend and nice to not have to stress about getting a run in. After my Dad left I got just over 7 miles in on the museum of science loop along the Charles, nice and easy. Wednesday the weather was super nice, was in shorts and did the Mass Ave bridge loop, Thursday I had a long day of work scheduled so took that as my second off day of the week. Right now my schedule is basically 5 runs per week with two off days. I plan to add in some doubles and work up to 6 days a week but not pushing it too hard this early in training. Friday I ran over to BOMF early in the AM, was NOT shorts weather.. Winter is back with a vengeance and the rest of the week was very cold! Good run with fellow heartbreaker Kurt Ronan and a few of the BOMF members and volunteers. I ran with a member, Adam, who is asthmatic so we took some breaks and walked when he needed to. Having suffered on and off from cold/sports induced asthma throughout my life I could relate to the struggle. Saturday AM I joined one of my clients Mike Horne for part of his longest long run. He was scheduled for 22 so I joined him for 12 of those miles and tacked on an extra 2 myself. Was a really cold morning, not a lot of people out running. I enjoy days like these, there is a sort of unspoken admiration between runners who tough out runs on days like this. I find when the weather is really nice it is rare to get a wave or a nod or a smile from other runners, but on brutally cold days or windy/rainy days way more people give a wave as if to say, I respect the heck out of you because this is HARD. I also strongly believe that putting yourself in tough conditions during training drastically helps prepare you and toughen you up for race day. Sunday I got in a nice easy 6 on the Longfellow bridge loop to finish off my weekly mileage around 41. I love running along the Charles and especially enjoy being able to run along the Cambridge side and admire the Boston skyline across the river, it is a beautiful city to run in. Separately, I had Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song stuck in my head on the Sunday run, “Harrison Ford’s a quarter jewish, not to shabbbby!”, made for quite an interesting 6 miles.

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