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Week 12: March 23-29

Monday: 20 miles in 3 hours

Tuesday: AM 7.54 miles in 58 minutes – wu, stretch, drills, strides 8X800, cd, PM 4 miles in 45 minutes

Wednesday: Off/rest

Thursday: 6.12 miles in 52 minutes

Friday: 6 miles in 45 minutes – fartlek 6 X 90 sec progression, 90 sec easy, 2 X 20 sec FAST

Saturday: AM: 4 miles easy in 36 minutes, PM 20.5 miles in 3 hours 16 minutes

Sunday: Off/rest

Total Mileage: 68.2

Monday was half last weeks long run and half kicking off this week with some good mileage. Part of my focus with my own training and also with my athletes is to be flexible! So, when Nicole and I decided to go up to New Hampshire for a weekend of hiking, instead of being rigid and attempting to get my long run in before or after an 8 mile hike up a 4,000 footer, I adjusted and got the mileage in on Monday. Tuesday, I got in a great workout at the MIT track with some 800 repeats! Good warmup, drills, stretching and strides prior to hitting the track. Started at 2:51, 2:52, 2:51, 2:49 then pushed the pace a bit, 2:46, 2:43, 2:43 and 2:30. I took 90 seconds between each rep with the exception being before the last rep I took closer to 2 minutes so that I could really go for a good time. One of these days I will train for a fast 800 and see if I can get that elusive sub 2:00! Tuesday afternoon Nicole and I got a nice 45 min run walk in. After almost 32 miles on Monday/Tuesday I decided to take Wednesday completely off to allow my body to recover and then got a nice shakeout run in on Thursday. Friday, I did a fartlek workout that the Heartbreakers had prescribed for Thursday as part of their “preseason training”. I am not following the preseason plan as I still have aspirations of getting to race in July and I also am in need of more volume to help get me there. That being said, I really liked the look of this workout so I included it in my week on Friday. The workout was 6 X 90 seconds of progression: 30 @ Marathon, 30 @ Half, 30 @ 5k with 90 seconds rest between each and I did two 20 second fast strides after the six 90 second intervals. I liked this workout, really got the legs turning over and totaled 6 miles on the day which was what I was looking for.